Monday, 25 March 2019


     Last week I went along to the Craft show at the NEC, I usually go with both my daughters but due to different commitments that could not happen this time. So my dear husband came along with me he is very patient about my love of all crafty things. It is a shame that the Art section was not there this time as he would have enjoyed that, he is quite good at art. 

      Anyway I headed off to the Clarity stand and was lucky enough to be able to join in the Make and Take. This was run by the very talented Linda Williams. I love to be able to join in with other like minded ladies.  As usual there was a nice project for us to do. I did not complete mine in the time, a little less talking might have been the answer. Still I was quite happy to get it finished at home. 

        I chose to colour my butterfly , it could have just been embossed. Now those little dragonflies on there were not on Linda's design but as I was sticking my finished piece to the base card it slipped and I creased the parchment a little. Well it was not going in the bin at this stage so a little cover up was needed. It had only creased on the top right hand side but I felt two dragonflies balanced it better. 

                   Can you see the little crease just by the leaf on the right hand side. 

             A little close up of the centre portion. 

   Just shows that there is no need to scrap a project if it is not quite right. 

     After the make and take of course I needed a few items from the Clarity stand then hubby and I had a wander around all the other stands. I did not buy too much else but did find two lovely cardigans on one of the stands in the sewing section. They came home with me. 

    Plate used was the Butterfly Wreath and dragonflies were from Tina's 3D Flowers plate.

        Back soon, thank-you for visiting.  xx


Thursday, 21 March 2019


          Hello again. Just realised we are fast approacihng the end of the month again , goodness the weeks are flying by but it has been nice to have a few sunny days. Hubby has just mowed the lawn for the first time this year, that will be a constant now til about October. I love the smell of fresh cut grass though. 

        The birds are popping along to the bird bath as well, Mr blackbird is sprucing himself up, ready to go courting.

                                          Blackbird, Bird, Animal, Nature, Black  

           My thoughts then turned to last month's club goodies and realised I have not used them as yet. I have vowed to use each item at least once before the new ones arrive. 

           So starting with the lovely Teasel plate. I used to go looking for teasels and make little dressed hedgehogs out of them. They were very cute, have not got any pictures  which is a shame.


       This is quite a quick and easy card, just used some lovely Clarity paper and put the teasel die through my Gemini. I used the picot plates for this one prickly edges, seemed right. I added a black frame and some gems and all done. All mounted onto a black base card.

             This is a gorgeous design and I have some more ideas for it's use. 

        Thank-you for dropping by, back soon. xx


Monday, 18 March 2019


            Our eldest daughter and her husband celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. Fantastic achievement and certainly a date to celebrate. I remember their wedding day so well. It was the first time I had ever made a wedding cake, in those days they were not quite so fancy as they are now but I still spent many hours decorating it. It also turned out to be a lovely sunny day which can be a bit hit and miss for this time of year. 

        Anyway I obviously needed a special card for this anniversary. I chose the swan club plate from Claritystamp. There is only one swan on the plate so I needed to reverse it then trace over with a white pencil and then emboss the lines. This is creating the design in the traditional way much more fiddly which is why the Groovi plates are such a big hit. I really wanted to get the heart that is created by using two swans.

          The embossing on the necks was done over several days. Very lightly at first with a no 6mm tool then gradually working down the sizes. Instead of embossing the bodies I chose to do some gridwork.

      Other than a little bit of gridwork around the border I did not think this design needed much more. 

                     So a very Happy Anniversary to Yvonne and Anthony.

    Thank-you for dropping by. xx        

Saturday, 16 March 2019


           I have been having a lot of problems lately trying to share my blog on Facebook. They keep blocking it, not sure why. Perhaps they do not like my style of cardmaking. Obviously not Groovi fans.  I shall try again with this post. I have even changed the name of my blog but that did not work.

       I go to a traditional parchment class in Lichfield run by Patricia White and that is where I was making his card. It is a design by Josie Davidson, a very clever lady who makes some gorgeous cards and designs. hope I have done her design justice, I gave it to a very good friend for her birthday and she liked it a lot. 

         The flowers were coloured on the front of the parchment with lots of fine lines, need very sharp pencils for this and also just light strokes. As it is a traditional design the flowers were traced in pencil so there are no embossed lines to show. 

        I am going to a Groovi class with Josie  and Chris Walker at the end of March and I am looking forward to that. Lovely to meet up with other like minded people and there is always a very good project. 

        Hope you all have a good weekend, stay safe in the stormy weather we are having at the moment. x